In a market crowded with outdoor blind and system options, one solution is proving itself to be the clear leader: Urban Track™.

Aussies have always loved their backyards.  The days of the Hills Hoist taking centre stage have moved aside and backyards have become a retreat, an extension of the indoors, a place to enjoy endless summer nights around the barbeque and cool winter evenings warming up around a fire.
From market umbrellas and shade sails to pergolas and patios, there are a myriad ways to make the most of backyard spaces.  Track guided blind systems are becoming increasingly popular to enclose outdoor spaces and maximise living areas and, with several options available, one system is establishing itself as the premier choice for functionality, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness.

URBAN TRACK™ external track guided blind system was designed and developed in Australia to ensure superior performance under the harsh conditions.  Providing all season climate control, Urban Track is an easy-to-use, smart, slim line tracking system that helps you save on energy bills.  Urban Track is a sturdy system, with components made from aluminium and stainless steel so they won’t rust, and plastic components that are fiberglass infused for greater strength and UV resistance.


Available in 3 types of operation, Urban Track blinds can be locked off in any position and the crank and spring operated systems are available with a unique, patented central locking system.  This unique central locking mechanism is accessible from inside and outside.

Super strong heavy duty head box (optional)

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Double sleeved top tube for larger blinds

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Side locking

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Unique trade marked U LOCK™ locking system*

U LOCK™ is offered as a central or side locking mechanism system

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Bottom rail weather seal options

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Double side track for accurate installation

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Urban Track key features

  • Smooth and easy to operate
  • Slimline design
  • Unique central locking system
  • Urban Track can be locked off at any position
  • Sealed at the bottom to eliminate gaps on uneven ground or pavers, keeping out leaves and insects
  • Rust free aluminium and stainless steel construction


Choosing a fabric to work with your Urban track system is just as important as choosing the right track guided blind system.  Popular choices include the functional ATMOSPHERE external screen mesh fabric and the up market STAR SCREEN, a luxurious linen look fabric.


Atmosphere external screen mesh fabric is perfectly suited for use with Urban Track, providing clear views out and privacy in.  Designed for optimal outdoor living and featuring superior visibility and exceptional glare, UV & heat reduction, the versatile Atmosphere range is available in 23 designer colours, in three constructions and UV ratio options:

  • 100% approx (visual)
  • 99% UV block (1% openness)
  • 95% UV block (5% openness.).

Atmosphere key features

Mould, mildew and salt water resistant


Starscreen is a unique fabric with a stunning textile look and hand feel.  Star Screen creates a pleasant diffusion of light while absorbing up to 97% of heat caused by solar irradiation. 

Starscreen fabric is available in 9 gorgeous colours, is Teflon® treated and allergen free, making it beautiful and clever.

Starscreen key features

  • Teflon treated – easy clean
  • PVC free
  • Water repellent
  • Allergen free
  • Light filtering – allows light in but not heat and UV
  • Great visibility – high transparency up close, low transparency from afar
  • 3 year warranty


Prime Clear PVC is a new generation of flexible window films with outstanding clarity.  Prime Clear PVC not only provides clear visibility but is made specifically for external weather conditions.

Prime Clear key features

  • Excellent transparency
  • Resistant to outdoor weather conditions
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 year warranty


Urban Track can be powder coated to any colour and the Atmosphere and Starscreen colour ranges showcase shades created to coordinate and contrast with a wide range of popular outdoor finishes, from bricks and paint, to coated aluminium and steel.  You are sure to find the right match for your home or commercial property.

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