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Urban Track Guided Blind System

The Urban Track guided blind system is an Australian classic. Designed in Perth, Western Australia over 30 years ago, Urban Track has been specifically developed to withstand the rigors of our harsh climate and create beautiful outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed year round.

With Urban Track you can enjoy all season climate control, saving you on energy bills. We’ve designed it to be robust, durable and reliable. Plus, it can be powder coated to any colour, fitting in perfectly with your existing trims and finishes.


Save on your energy bills

Adjustable system to close and create shade, cutting direct sun exposure in the summer and open in the cooler months to utilise winter sun.


Create Privacy and Climate control

Atmosphere external mesh or Star Screen fabrics are perfect for use with your Urban Track Guided Blind system 
Allowing light emission while blocking UV and solar heat, Atmosphere and Star Screen diffuse daylight beautifully while still providing visibility and air permeability.


Urban Track is a sturdy system with components made from aluminium and stainless steel, so they won’t rust, and plastic components that are fiberglass infused for greater strength and UV resistance.  That means Urban Track is not only robust but is a lower cost to maintain.

Add privacy and value to your home 

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